Partnership with The First Tee of Northwest Arkansas


We are excited to announce a new partnership with The First Tee of Northwest Arkansas. Quadrivium is committed to the growth and betterment of Northwest Arkansas by providing a full range of technology services that help local businesses and organizations. This joint venture between Quadrivium and The First Tee will bring the latest technological insight and support to the Northwest Arkansas campus; two organizations working together to strengthen and impact the lives of children.

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River Valley IT Professionals Group

Quadrivium Inc was invited by the River Valley I.T. Professionals Group to give a presentation on its customized hosted services.  The event took place at the Golden Corral restaurant in Ft. Smith AR and was sponsored by Preferred Technology.  The guest speaker was Clinton Bell who is the Director of Design and Engineering for Quadrivium.


Quadrivium specializes in customized, hosted solutions that focus on reducing the cost burdens associated with I.T. infrastructures.  Examples of these costs would be capital expenditures, maintenance, upgrades, power consumption, on hand extra parts, extra warranties, space consumption, and new purchases for end of life equipment.  One of the hosted services specifically mentioned was hosted servers.  This service provides a way for businesses to rent servers by connecting to the Quadrivium Data Center and forego many of the costs stated above.  Mr. Bell also discussed the versatility of another hosted product known as Hosted Virtual Desktops.  This allows their customers to have a desktop profile without having to pay for and maintain new desktop equipment.  The individual’s desktop profile, which is being processed at Quadrivium’s Data Center, can be used on iPads, old desktops, etc., and can be setup and ready for the end user very quickly at any location with access to the internet.


The highlight of the presentation pertained to offsite backup, disaster recovery and how to transport and store critical data.  Mr. Bell showed that his company tailors these services based on the specific needs of individual customers,  He also discussed how Quadrivium deals with the problem of IOPS (Input/Output Per Second) which is a major problem facing the I.T. industry today.  IOPS is a measure of the network infrastructures ability to move data.  According to Mr. Bell the problems of managing data are not exclusive to the processing capabilities of computers or the amount of data space available,   They include a combination of many things along the lines of transporting that data and how often that data changes.


The River Valley I.T. Group is an organization consisting of I.T. professionals of companies in the Ft. Smith AR River Valley area.  Some of the companies represented were Beall Barclay, Propak Logistics, First National Bank of Ft. Smith and Dancor Transit Inc.  The group meets on a regular basis often inviting specialists in the field to speak.

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Moving to the Cloud

You can never plan too much.


Just because the Cloud is quick and easy to deploy doesn’t mean you should make a hurried decision which could severely impact the day-to-day running of your business. Like any other major IT project, it is essential that you plan thoroughly before moving to the Cloud.


In particular, you should think carefully about who is going to manage the project, consider the potential risks of migration, how to maintain business continuity and ensure that testing is scheduled outside of business hours to minimize any disruption resulting from downtime. It’s also essential for you to make sure that you can quickly switch back to your previous systems if things aren’t working. A measured approach to the Cloud in the short-term will reap long-term dividends.”


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