How do you determine your pricing?

Our prices are determined by a variety of factors, including the costs of equipment, installation and service time – as well as the service of any customer-owned equipment. As always, we are committed to offering our customers highly competitive prices, and our experience has shown us that outstanding service and performance will generate more than enough return to keep our customers loyal and our company on a sound financial footing.

What is Quadrivium's back up plan to keep the client's data safe, secure and accessible?

While each customer is different and requires a different strategy, Quadrivium is committed to meeting certain basic backup criteria in all situations. The data on a hosted server is duplicated via a RAID 5 set and backed up to a SAN. The server is imaged and stored in a vault. For customers using off-site backup, the software allows the end-user to construct backup parameters specific to their needs. Data can be restored on demand, and Quadrivium keeps multiple iterations of the data.


Why should we choose Quadrivium?

Now well into our second decade of operations, Quadrivium is proud to have advanced from a focus on security and network management for financial institutions – often helping banks with state and federal audits – to a broader, more complete array of services we provide to customers across the industry spectrum. We are glad to say that we maintain many of the same relationships we established in our early years, even as our growing reputation and achievements continue to expand our reach and impact.


Can you help me with...?

Quadrivium is particularly strong at assisting small to midsize businesses that need to cut costs or obtain help managing their networks. While large corporations may already have resources for disaster recover, co-location and virtual consolidations, smaller companies may not even have an I.T. department. Quadrivium affordably fills that need. We are also providing the same value on a growing basis to local governments.

Quadrivium often meets with prospective clients numerous times to determine their needs and identify the Quadrivium solution that a) meets these needs; and b) fits their budgets. In many cases, we can create hosted servers for testing purposes, to demonstrate their benefits to companies.


How do you stay I.T. compliant with regulations?

Quadrivium keeps informed of regulatory compliance issues on a continual basis. With input from business auditors, customer operations officers, attorneys and specialized software that keeps track of compliance matters, Quadrivium maintains policies that reflect the latest compliance developments that affect us and the industries we serve.