What do you need?

Tell us your situation. A small business needs simple hosted exchange for email. A growing company needs more storage and security for data. A municipality needs a disaster plan for public records. Quadrivium has solutions for large and small business.


We know your business depends on the performance of your system to thrive. You need 24/7 up time, no interruptions - and absolutely no intrusions.


Your technology should make your operation run more efficiently, and should make your job easier. Quadrivium makes sure it does both, no matter what.


Keep data protected, prevent intrusions, and prevent against system failures. Trust Quadrivium for the security solutions that ensure your continuity.


You don't have to be big to have access to the technology and security that will allow your business grow. You just need to know where to get it.


Technology failure or power loss need not put your data in jeopardy. With offsite archiving and multiple backup mechanisms, your data is safe with Quadrivium.

By Industry

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  • Medical
  • Municipalities
  • Small Business
  • Start Ups
  • Technology Incubators

Need to expand your data storage?

Our cloud based hosting options provide you with solutions that expand as you need them to. If you need another server, it's there. If you need to expand you data storage immediately, it's done. If you need to set up another virtual workstation, it's simple. When you aren't tied to hardware there's a whole new world of options. The system grows with you so there's no need to continually reinvest in something bigger as you expand.