Data Center

Data Center

Quadrivium's data center is strong, solid and secure. It was built with red iron steel to withstand high-velocity winds, and uses automatic power generators that are tested regularly. With built-in fire suppression and cooling systems, the data center has multiple coded entry points with an alarm and camera system. It uses monitoring software to continually maintain the state of its network environment on a 24/7 basis.


As a Class-2 data center, the system utilizes multiple MPLS data lines to prevent downtime in case of a disaster. The power infrastructure consists of frequently-tested backup generators as well as ATS and UPS to protect each rack.


With Quadrivium, your data is safe, your technology is secure and your system is impenetrable. Enjoy the peace of mind. You're fully protected to the highest level of security for your data. And with the very best protection against intrusions, you can relax and focus only on how your technology and data reliably work to build your business.

How can we help?

Our full range of services includes hosting, data hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated servers, server management, networking, troubleshooting, connectivity, consulting, auditing, security, intrusion protection and Q filtering. We can even design your website.

Quadrivium Cloud Hosting

We handle multiple tasks, securely protect your data and enhance the value you receive from software while minimalizing your costs.