Cloud Hosting

These are virtual servers located at the data center for customers' use. You can access your information without incurring the time and costs involved with the implementation of server technology in your business.

Cloud servers offer value to customers by:

  • Reducing capital expenditures
  • Reducing time-to-production costs
  • Eliminating extra hardware warranties
  • Eliminating server hardware maintenance
  • Eliminating backup hardware, software and maintenance
  • Eliminating on-hand spare parts
  • Saving space
  • Making budgets more predictable
  • Providing a safe environment
  • Making upgrades easier
  • Ending the hardware life cycle

This solution allows you to focus on what you do best and not worry about keeping up to speed on the latest technology and hiring I.T. personnel to manage the servers, upgrade costs and more. Quadrivium takes the hassle from technology.

Wish your data was easily accessible and secure? It can be.

Customized dedicated servers for your data that are fully managed and secure. No hassles, no worries - just your data when you need it. No matter what. Catastrophe? No problem. System Crash? Irrelevant. Relocation? Piece of cake. When your data is crucial you can't take chances. It doesn't matter what the scenario is. Your data is secure and accessible. You'll get real support, from real people with really helpful solutions.