Virtual Workstations

With virtual desktops, customers no longer need to keep renewing their workstations because the computer profile is kept, updated and protected at the datacenter. No matter how old the user's current desktop is, it can still be used because the profile and the processing power is controlled at the data center.

With Quadrivium's powerful servers, the user desktop is only sending keystrokes at very low bandwidth. End-users will not be able to change the company profile as it is secure. They simply log in, and their profile is ready for use. This also cuts down significantly on workstation maintenance.

Need to expand your data storage?

Our cloud based hosting options provide you with solutions that expand as you need them to. If you need another server, it's there. If you need to expand you data storage immediately, it's done. If you need to set up another virtual workstation, it's simple. When you aren't tied to hardware there's a whole new world of options. The system grows with you so there's no need to continually reinvest in something bigger as you expand.